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    Question remove linoleum squares ?

    Just curious if anyone has any really good suggestions on an easy way to remove linoleum squares- besides just scraping - there is a subfloor--hoping hard wood floors are underneath--
    also what about clean up--esp glue residue--
    thanks sue

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    Default Re: remove linoleum squares ?

    If you have plywood on top of hardwood, pull up the plywood tile and all. No mastic to cleanup that way and it takes less time to tear up the plywood and replace it if that is your intention than the scraping, scraping ,scraping and sanding.
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    Default Re: remove linoleum squares ?

    Depends on the type of tile. If it's VCT (vinyl composite tile ), then it can be warmed with a hair dryer or heat gun and peel up easily. The glue from this type of tile cleans up relatively easy with a solvent you'll find at a contractors flooring supply - take a sample of the tile and glue with you so that the proper solvent can be determined.

    If the tile is the peel and stick that has been popularized by the home centers, then you're stuck with scraping and clawing. You could read the back of a box of the stuff at the home center to see what is recommended to remove the glue.

    If it's the same flooring adhesive that is used to lay sheet goods, then paint thinner will soften the glue once the tile is out of the way.

    Use caution if using any solvent by only using it in a well ventilated area, and dispose of rags and debris in a safe and friendly manner (a wad of solvent soaked rags can self ignite without warning ).
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