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    Question How to ventilate a roof w/no soffits, no ridge, no gables?

    Our two story colonial has a one story addition wrapping around two sides of the house, with a slanted roof joining the wall of the original house. The roof on the addition has no ventilation, and no insulation above the ceiling.

    Question 1: Should it be ventilated and/or insulated?

    Question 2: If it should be ventilated, how should it be done? There are no soffits on the addition, so soffit vents are not an option. There's no ridge, so ridge vents are not possible. There is a small gable end at two ends of the addition, so small gable vents might be possible (but one of the ends is on the front of the house, so aesthetically it might not be good).

    Question 3: If it should be insulated, how would you do it since there's no access?

    The addition was put on the house in the 70's and there are no signs of water damage or other problems. But during the summer, we can feel the heat radiate through the ceiling inside of the house.

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    Wink Re: How to ventilate a roof w/no soffits, no ridge, no gables?

    Yes your attic should be vented and insulated. as for the vents if you have enough room at your gable ends and a slope to your roof I would use a combination of gable vents and roof vents,keep in mind that there are many different sizes and styles of gable and roof vents.With out the venting You could have many issues including mold rotten ceiling joist,roof joist and decking.As for the insullation,if the ares is small enough you can blow it in through the vent openings before you install the vents or cut an access in the ceiling and either seal it back up or make it a permanent access. by doing both these steps your home will be more energy eff.and last longer.

    Good luck.

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