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Thread: landscaping

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    Question landscaping

    HELP, We recently purchased a home that had been foreclosed on. The previous owners didn't even get a chance to do any landscaping. Allthough we are thrilled that we got a good deal on the house and land, I am clueless where or how to start the landscaping process and is it to late into the summer to even start the whole thing?

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    Absolutely not. The summer can be the hardest time to do a lot of planting because of the water needed to keep things alive before they get established. The fall is a good time for most plants, especially trees & shrubs.
    Garden centers often will provide design services if they do the work or if you buy plants from them. The trick is to find one that has some skill doing this. Ask around. By the time you find someone & get a design it will be closer to the fall.
    Don't feel like it has to be done all at once. A good plan can be implemented over years.

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