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    Default Flickering Ceiling Light

    My bedroom ceiling fan light has been flickering recently when I turn it on. When I turn the switch on, it dims and flickers for a few seconds and then turns on fully. Randomly it will flicker for a few seconds if I continue to leave it on for a while.

    I had one of those CFL bulbs in there for a few months so when this problem started last week, I though there was just something wrong with the bulb. I replaced the bulb with a standard 60 watt incandescent and the problem still exists. I would also like to mention that about 2 nights ago I tried to turn on the ceiling fan and it wouldnt come on at all, not the fan or the light would work and I tried various different combinations of the wall switch and the pull chains on the ceiling fan. The next morning I turn the switch on and both came on again. Any ideas?
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