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    Default Macerating Toilet

    I'm conidering installing a macerating toilet in our basement when I finish it. looking at the website for Saniflo Macerating Toilets this looks to be the way to go as I don't want to have to break thorugh the slab and then cut into a cast iron drain line. however, I have some concerns and was hlping to find someone who has one of these units and can offer thier experiences:

    does the system clog, if so does it happen often?
    do you have a problem with odor, either at the tank or at the vent?
    how does the thing bolt to the slab?

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    Default Re: Macerating Toilet

    How are you going to keep from cutting the cast iron? Wher is the drain? Gravity is always the best way to convey waste. Concrete patching is way cheaper than a mascerating toilet.

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