This is (another) "can it be done for this $" post...

1830's colonial/farmhouse in Southern New England: Condition condemned, ~2400sf, never had a central heating system. Electrical and plumbing would need updates/replacement, and a kitchen and bathrooms would need to be designed and built. At least some (most?) walls and ceilings would need to come down or extensive repairs from water damage. Has newer roofs, but not before some damage, and one roof was not repaired.
All original interior details (doors, hardware, moldings) are intact and appear to need only paint. Apparently post & beam construction and the structure appears good--most walls/ceilings/floors are straight (some floors slope, but expected in this old of a house). Exterior entry details are good, but most windows, all original shutters, and some ext. moldings (eves) are beyond salvage.

It would be an incredible shame to lose this house

Budget ~$200,000 after purchase. Plan: vinyl siding and insulated vinyl windows, respecting period style as much as possible. Cheap interior treatments for now (particle board, formica are OK) We can do all interior painting, R&R original moldings, and finish electrical work after rough-in. All other work would need to be contractors. (We are capable of doing sheetrock, plumbing, installing cabinets, and complete electrical work, etc. --everything--but could not do it in a reasonable timeframe.)

Financing? Purchase and renovation would require sale of our current home. 203k loan has a 6 month renovation period?? Any other possibilities or credits for a "not quite" restoration?

Help!? Please!