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    Default Coffered Ceiling - 9 sections or 16?

    I am converting my living room into a study - rich Cherry wall panels and trim. I am also going to coffer the ceiling which will be painted.

    The room is 15 feet by 14 feet with 9 foot ceiling. The face of the coffer will be 5.5 inches and trimmed with crown.

    Is there a rule to follow when deciding on how many sections the ceiling will have? I am trying to decide between 9 rectangles or 16 rectangles. I have seen pictures of both and think it's a matter of taste but want to get some additional opinions before I make my final decision. Thanks!
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    Default Re: Coffered Ceiling - 6 sections or 9?

    With the ceiling coffered, I would suggest 9 (with the center being the 9th square). And I'm getting a strong sense that you should make the corners larger than the intermediate sections so that the corners extend down each side a little around the corner, particularly if the center square is larger than the perimeter squares.

    Like this, see how the corner square wrap around the center?:
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    Default Re: Coffered Ceiling - 6 sections or 9?

    We did this 16-section one for customer. The very corner ones are 30" squares.

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