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    Default Options for porch flooring

    So, my idea was to build a pergola, but I have this screened in porch just sitting here....I removed all the screens and reframed the walls/front in order to make this a pergola type structure that's open on the sides and front (no screens), but with a roof. I was thinking of doing tile on the floor, but now I'm leaning towards doing a boardwalk style floor using Trex or something like that. Has anyone done a screened in porch on concrete and built a boardwalk style floor? The concrete is fine, so it would take paint, but I want to do something a little more unique. It is attached to the house, if that makes a difference in seeing the big picture. Plenty of clearance to go up about 3-4" above the concrete pad and still clear the door going in to the house. I was thinking of something like 1" runners secured to the pad with Tapcons and then the decking going on top of that.
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