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    Question Walkway for wet yard.

    I live near the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland and my yard is very soggy most of the year. I need a walkway from my back door to my garage, approximately 30' long and not exactly a straight line. I put down 1 foot square pavers but that sank into the soggy grass within a few months. I am looking for a solution to this problem. I am retired and need to keep the cost within reason.

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    Could you post a photo or two; or could you describe the layout you have a little more.

    Is there an asphalt or concrete driveway now going from near the back door to the garage that you can hitch up to and use as a walkway???

    It sounds like you clearly have poor drainage (perhaps a lot of clay in your soil) that prevents adequate drainage whenever it rains.

    One strategy is to dig a 2' deep ditch X 2' wide between the back door & the garage & install a perforated 4" drain pipe with a slight pitch toward or away from the garage, then a 3' circular ditch 4' deep to hold a drywell that will eliminate the wet area so that the pavers won't sink into the grass.

    They have $5 packs of "spot lawn" seed that will replace the section of lawn that was dug up---or you can save the "patches" of grass lawn you dig up, set them aside, keep them watered, & replace them after installing the drain project---they will grow right back & you'll never know there was any work done on the yard.

    This is a good diy project that costs a limited amount of $$$---the drain pipe (get the thinnest class perforated drain pipe plus the fittings they have at HD/Lowe's) is surprisingly low cost, you can then use the pavers your already have when the ground hardens.

    Another strategy is to construct a square form 3' X 4' out of 2 X 4's (using 3" sheet rock or deck screws with a drill to fasten the ends) & pour some larger concrete pavers using the 60 lb. sacks of ready-mix concrete---the advantage to this is that a few bags of concrete can be bought at a time for a few $$$ & thrown in the car trunk, & a few concrete pavers can be done at your leisure, as time allows.

    Also google "soggy yard" for numerous sites on this topic.

    One of the sites below has a dry well kit available for $169---there's no need to buy anything, a drywell can be simply crushed stone, brick, rubble (but no wood), a plastic/steel barrel---anything handy laying around the house.
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    The first course of action should be to figure out why it's soggy 24/7. From there it's choosing and install drainage and a base that isn't going to sink.
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    It would be best to first address this drainage problem and then proceed with the walkway. Do your neighbors have the same problems with their yard?
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    Default Re: Walkway for wet yard.

    If it's always wet, and you are pretty sure it's always going to be wet, then the only solution is a raised wooden walkway on pilings.
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