I don't know if anyone out there is still interested in this thread or not but I finally decided to get serious about finding a substitute for those missing shades on my Grote cabinet. I had not had any luck in my search to find an original shade. Or rather no luck in finding one at a reasonable price. I did find an individual but he wanted nearly $100.00 a shade before shipping and handling were added. I was wanting to stay under a $100.00 and get two shades. I did find a glass company up north who had a clear shade that came close to what I was seeking. It was two inches shorter than the Grote shade though and the base diameter would have been a tight fit indeed. Those shades were $56.00 apiece plus shipping and since they weren't quite what I wanted I decided not to follow through with the purchase.

The problem was I had no alternatives in mind but I didn't want to do away with the cabinets. So I decided to think outside the box a bit and came up with the idea of cutting down a glass tube of the appropriate diameter.

I ordered one of these--a 41mm standard wall Corning Pyrex borosilicate tube from Wale Apparatus. They come in four foot lengths so I had extra glass to work with. I then took it to a glass company in Memphis TN (Glassical) and had them cut it to my specified measurements (13.25) and then had them frost the glass for a look that approached that of the original shades.

I don't think it looks bad at all, the fit was perfect, and the price for both shades did come in under $100.00 albeit only just! Maybe this will be of some help to anyone in a similar predicament.

NOTE: I would post a photo of the shade but apparently unless you have a minimum post count you no longer can which makes this forum ALL BUT USELESS to the casual user or the first time DIYer. Incredible when you consider this is SUPPOSED to be a forum for home repair discussions and a photo can sometimes be an essential part of the discussion.