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    Unhappy Upstairs tubs backed up

    We are renting a house that was built in the 1930s. Both tubs upstairs are draining very slowly. Also, when we take a shower in one, the other tub fills up with water and then drains. We've had a plumber come out to look at it, and he cleaned the trap (he didn't tell us where it was). It did work for a little bit, but after a month was doing the same thing. My husband and I are not handy, and the only thing we can think is the trap is a little compartment beside the tub, behind the toilet. It does have some pipes in there, and we've tried to stick a snake down there. No luck! We would love to save some money and fix it ourselves, but we're tired of trying. Can you give us any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Upstairs tubs backed up

    I'm not sure where you're located but in this area the landlord is responsible for such repairs. Have you contacted him?
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    Default Re: Upstairs tubs backed up

    Chances are, you have an old style drum trap. A drum trap flows about as well as the bore of a gun loaded with concrete....I cut mine out, and it was a night and day difference...

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    Default Re: Upstairs tubs backed up

    I agree with JLMCDANIEL. I would start by contacting your landlord.
    As mentioned in the previous post, you could have a drum trap installed on the tub. Unfortunately your good-heartedness in wanting to fix the slow running drain could end up causing damage in the pipes. If it is a drum trap, a snake will not travel through it like it would on a newer style trap. It could actually pierce through the side of it causing one LARGE leak.
    Contact your landlord and give him the opportunity to have it fixed. This will protect you in the long-run.
    If he refuses, then you go on to "Plan B".
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