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    Question Gas Hot Water Heater Shut Off Question

    Hello TOH!
    So, my hot water knob in my shower leaks when it's completely shut off. I know how to fix it, but my question is with the hot water heater. There is no shut off b/n the hot water heater & the knob, so I need to shut off the cold line into the hot water heater. Some of my research has shown I need to cut the pilot/gas to the heater as well. However, I cannot seem to find a spot to relight the pilot when I'm done with the fix.

    My question is, do I NEED to shut the gas off, or is cutting the cold water line alone OK?? Will pressure build up to the point of explosion?? I would rather not mess with the gas if I do not have to. Can anyone verify that if I cut the cold water line into my hot water heater, I will be able to change the seal on the hot water knob in my shower without causing any issues to the hot water tank??

    Thanks for your help!

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    I don't see any problem in not turning off the gas flame at the HWH.

    The force of the water is completely dependent on the cold water inlet supply, which you will turn off by shutting the inlet supply valve.

    The HWh has a Temperature/Pressure safety relief valve that will automatically open if there is any temp or pressure buildup to prevent any problems.
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    Default Re: Gas Hot Water Heater Shut Off Question

    Turn the water supply to the house off , and you are good to go .

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