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    Default Weasly contractor, or just bad stain work

    Last summer we refinished our deck with Behr natural ceder wood stain. A couple of months later, our neighbor had his house tuckpointed and the grit covered our deck. Now the finish is chipping off all over the place and the tuckpointer says it's not his fault because the finish would have dried in a couple of days, and therefore his dust and grit did not do the damage. The grit, however, was so firmly imbeded in the finish that a hose would not wash it out. The deck is old, but we had followed Behr's instructions as well as advice we received elsewhere about cleaning the surface before we painted. I guess my question is, is it worth my trouble to get some professional opinions on this? Do I need to sue, or just accept it and restain? All opinions accepted. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Weasly contractor, or just bad stain work

    If you had your deck stained before it could have been he applied the Behr stain that most likely water base stain over a oil base stain. Water base stains expands and contracts and oil base does not, so the water base will crack and flake. But another thing it could be if the wood was wet and not fully cured
    the water in the wood can make the stain bubble and could make it flake. The grit got imbedded in the wood because the stain was still tacky because the under layer was either coated before with oil or the surface was not properly cleaned. The grit did not cause that.

    Good Luck.

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