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    Default Want to be a finish carpenter

    Hi All,

    I've been working(burnt out) for corporate America all my life and need a career change...I've been thinking about possible becoming a finish carpenter...Finish carpentry seems like something that I would enjoy doing until retirement---if I live long enough---LOL..My concern is that I'm 52 and was wondering if I'm too old physically...If not does anyone out there know of any schools that offer finish carpentry at nights in Massachusetts. I'm located in Norwood which is approximately 14 miles South West of Boston...Also, what is the average payrate in Mass...And hows the job market these days with the economy the way it is... Especially for someone that has no experience...Any info would be appreciated...

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    Default Re: Want to be a finish carpenter

    From what I see of finish work nowadays, I'm guessing you don't need any training except how to use filler.
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    Default Re: Want to be a finish carpenter

    Finish carpentry is by far my favorite part of construction. But I gotta be honest with you, I would not want to be just a "finish carpenter". My personal opinion is that to carry the title of "carpenter" you need to be able to do the job from start to finish. I realize this is not part of your question but I just had to add my 2 cents.
    As for being a finisher at age 52; if you can handle the constant up and down; I don't think the age would affect you. I am 44 myself and do everything from start to finish. But, I do have a 36 year old friend that tries to do the same thing and just can't handle it physically. He is currently looking into another career.
    As for schooling, I too started out in a Joint Vocational School for my last two years of High School. NOTHING compares to "on-the-job" training. Do you know someone that does trim work? Maybe you could spend some "spare time" (if there is such a thing)with them to see if this is definitely something you would want to do.
    How ever you decide, I hope you enjoy construction as much as I have. It has its ups and downs but can be "fun" if it is something that you really enjoy. As for the economy, here in Ohio this has been our busiest year. We are a remodeling company and have been busy through the whole winter and summer. We are taking new jobs every day and are booked months ahead.
    Happy Finishing!(If you choose to do so.)

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    Default Re: Want to be a finish carpenter

    You could also try to market yourself as a built in cabinetmaker. This is something that you could learn quickly and order the complicated moldings and doors on line.
    Go to the breaktime forum at finehomebuilding.com and look at the help wanted section. Post something there like you did here and I am sure you could get hired on as an apprentice. You would be lucky to make more that $12 hr though.

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