Well, much progress is being made! A friend had an older door, so my husband put up hinges, and we now have a door! Then, since the step was in the way, husband sawed the step just enough for the door to swing. We have a carpet on the step, and it hangs down over the cut! The support for the step was cut a little, and husband just moved the cut support back under the still existing part of the step! We have support! So, we have a door that hangs and swings! Today I have primed the door, and have painted one side. Tonight it may be dry enough for me to paint the other side (or will wait until tomorrow). Then, we will buy a knob, a deadbolt, and my husband will install them. And, our door will be about done! We will have to put down a little flooring (about 1x3 inches) which the step used to cover. And, a little linoleum over that (will check on scraps at the hardware store). But, it is just about done! Thank you to so many people who gave their input on how to do this! We couldn't have done it without TOH!