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    Is rolled insulation better than blown insulation?

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    I've heard blown is better because it works under compression. By rolled, I assume you mean rolled fiberglass which when compressed by even gravity loses r-value. You have to keep fiberglass fluffed.
    By blown, I assume you mean cellulose.

    I would get a more professional opinion, however, and consider other types as well.
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    In an open, unobstructed stud bay, there isn't much difference, but in the real world, you don't really have many empty stud bays. Most of them have pipes, wires, electrical outlets & switches, HVAC ducts, etc. Fiberglass batt insulation is hard to fit around these obstructions. Even when carefully installed, you will generally compress the insulation behind pipes & wires, thus reducing it's R value. Blown-in cellulose readily conforms to all of the obstructions, effectively giving you a better overall R value.


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