Hello -- I live in Massachusetts, and I've been told my 30 year old oil burner's life is almost over. It's dripping water, so I have to make some decisions soon about replacing it. My dilemma is: oil or gas burner? I have baseboard radiators, so I think I have steam heat. My water runs off my current oil burner, and I don't have a separate water heater. My oil tank is also old, perhaps the age of the house 80 years old? Is that possible?? Given all this, would you recommend gas heat. I know this means I need to install a gas burner, water heating, and have the oil tank removed. It seems that installing gas may be a bit more pricier, about $6,000 v. $5,000 to install a replacement oil burner. What are your thoughts of what type of system to install-- oil or gas? Thanks very much for your input.