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    Default Gutting a 1930's Colonial

    We are looking at buying a house that was originally built in 1930. The original house has not had much done to it at all and is need of a gutting to the studs. There is a giant addition that was put on above and to the right of the old house making sort of a house within a house. We have some grand ideas of what could be but do not want to get in over our heads. How can we estimate what a gutting and rebuild of the old part would cost?

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    Default Re: Gutting a 1930's Colonial

    Start by budgeting $100 sq. ft. and see how much extras you want to add, how much labor you want to hire, and how many fancy fixtures you want.
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    Default Re: Gutting a 1930's Colonial

    ???? Why gut it ????

    Is it really that bad it can't be repaired or fixed?
    Old houses have character and charm that new places don't.If you gut it than you have an old house with no character.

    But hey its your house do what you want.

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