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    How can I find out what is going on under my basement floor? I have a 987 sq ft home on a "poured wall" basement, built in 1974. We had lots of rain quick a couple weeks back and our basement flooded. I had to pull out the carpet and pad. While scraping the glue and foam backing from the original carpet, I discovered that it sounds hollow under the concrete at the bottom of the steps.
    There are a few other points to ponder here. I learned after buying, this house, it was built as a HUD home. So as I understand it went up quick and not alot of effort was put in the landscape. The grass is growing out of clay. There is a low spot in the front yard not far from this area. There is also a 40 yr. old Maple growing out there.
    Is there some way to like, see through the floor to see if it is indeed hollow in that spot without digging it up ?

    Rich Kelly

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    I see 2 ways. drill a hole and insert a pin camera or see if an infared surveyor could tell the difference.
    Debby in Oklahoma

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