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    Question deck repair and overlay

    I have a 12 year old deck made of treated southern pine that is badly cracked and checked yet very sturdy. I am considering overlaying new decking using the composite materials now on the market. Any advise or experience anyone??

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    Default Re: deck repair and overlay

    Treated wood isn't meant for prolonged water contact - I suspect that if you overlay something on top of it you'll create a situation where water can get trapped between the layers.

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    Default Re: deck repair and overlay

    Do not overlay, water will be wicked inbetween and cause failure as stated above.
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    Default Re: deck repair and overlay

    You should remove the old decking. Cross brace the joists if they are not braced. Check to see if any rot if O.K. lay down new decking you could wrap the exterior joists with composite trim board if you go composite decking and replace the railing with composite railing system or just prime and paint the posts and railing. (White looks good)

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