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    Default Upper Cabinet Soffit Seam- A MESS!

    We remodeled our kitchen a few years ago installing white kitchen cabinets. We installed the upper cabinets under a large soffit in which the cabinets are recessed against the back wall.

    There was a seam between the upper cabinets and soffit which was caulked and a strip placed on the cabinet at the seam to finish the look.

    Well the kitchen looks okay 1/2 of the year, but during the winter months the cabinets contract downward breaking the caulk apart and leaving a an ugly 3-4 mm gap. It looks really bad and we are looking for a solution short of redoing the kitchen to fix this problem. Any ideas? Again, the cabinets are not flush with the soffit but recessed back under the soffit.


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    Default Re: Upper Cabinet Soffit Seam- A MESS!

    If the soffit is proud of the cabinets, install a quarter round or crown molding attached to the soffit only. This will allow the movement you speak of without opening up a gap. If the cabinets are flush with the face of the soffit, then use a flat molding attached to the face of the soffit only.
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