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Thread: 3 way switch

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    Default 3 way switch

    I have a 3 way dimmer that I would like to put in a single switch toggle...
    don't need the 3 way connection . There are 2 red wires.. can I just cap one of them and just not use it..

    This dimmer will control one ceiling fixture that happens to be a light and fan. I control the fan and light something with pull chains.

    thank you

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    Default Re: 3 way switch

    No, you cannot use a dimmer to control a fan/light that is only on one switch. It will either burn up the fan or the dimmer.

    For this fan, get a fan remote. They are $30 and you can safely dim the lights and control the speed of the fan.

    Yes, you can use a three way dimmer for a single pole application. You would cap off one of the reds. If the dimmer seems upside down, try the other red (you'll know what I mean if it happens).

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