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    Question Use central A/C for whole-house fan?

    I'd like to use the ducting and blower that are already part of my central A/C system (located in attic) to pull warm air out of my house and push it either into the attic (then outside through attic vents) or directly to the outside of my house thereby pulling in cooler air through open windows/doors- much like a "whole house fan" would do.
    Is there an after-market modification that can be done to the discharge plenum (downstream from the blower/heat exchanger) that would let me direct the air into the attic when the "fan only" mode is in operation (via maybe an electrical damper) then redirect the air back to the discharge ducts when the system is off or in heating or cooling mode?

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    Default Re: Use central A/C for whole-house fan?

    Sounds like something like this would work for you.

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