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    Default Moisture Barrier

    I'm redoing a room in my basement, over time quite a bit of moisture finds its way through the concrete (not enough to cause serious problems, but enough to be absorbed into the sheet rock and grow mold). I was wondering if a layer of plastic underneath the sheet rock on the furring strips would create a good moisture barrier and if there were any potential downside/harm of using the plastic.



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    Default Re: Moisture Barrier

    It sounds like you aren't too concerened about reolving the moisture problem.
    I'm thinking the plastic would work, but if the furring strips are behind the plastic they will rot and mold will grow on those. Unless your furring strips are treated wood.
    You probably will still have humidity issues since the moisture is still getting inside the basement.

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    Default Re: Moisture Barrier

    Here's a product that's great and perfect for applications like this.

    If you go with the plastic I like to leave the portion above grade uncovered .... this allows the foundation to breath.

    However ... as mentioned earlier whichever method you go with there will be humidity issues.
    Besides if there is moisture seeping through the foundation wall then whatever covering will just divert the water down to the floor. Without any interior drain this moisture will accumulate on the floor.

    Just a thought.
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