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    my garage roof was termite infested before i purchased the house. in the upcoming spring i want to tear off the old roof to put on a new roof. i had built a deck 2 years ago which is around level to the roof, planning on extending the deck ontop of the roof. instead of building a deck ontop of a surface that will be somewhat flat, what kind of roof surface can i put on so it will be walkable. i will be taking out the joists and all existing wood on the roof. sources tell me that there is no kind of roof that is walkable without fast deterioration. there has to be some kind of top i can put on the roof to make it a walkable, enjoyable space. the roof is around 15 by 25 feet.

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    I would look into tar and gravel. But you need to change the usual framing from 24" on center to 16" on center. And you need to use 3/4" plywood decking instead of the usual 1/2" used in roofing.

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    I have a roof with a deck above it and what we did was have a roofer install a membrane roof over the sheathing on the roof, first, Next we installed a hardboard on top of that, with terra cotta tile on top.

    When we put the hardboard down, we poured a liquid sealer on the membrane roof. Can't remember the name but it was about $65/gal. While it was still wet, we laid the hardboard down and screwed it to the sheathing. That way the sealer (hopefully)sealed the screw holes.

    We pitched the deck a little bit so that standing water would run off and drain through scuppers at the edge. I have sealed hairline cracks in the grout occasionally but no problems since.

    Good Luck.

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