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    Default melamine cabinets

    How do I prep and paint melamine cabinets? What paint is best? What roller or brush is best? Do I take doors off or paint while on the cabinets?

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    Default Re: melamine cabinets

    I just finished doing this myself. I first removed all hardware. Then I cleaned the cabinets really good and removed the doors. I then primed all the cabinets and doors with a primer that adheres to all surfaces. I got mine at Sherwin Williams and I think it was called XIM. I then sanded the primed surfaces and put a coat of oil based paint on them. Sanded again and recoated them with a second coat of paint. Be sure to let them dry between coats according to the directions on the can of paint. I purchased new hardware and rehung the doors. It really looks good and gave my kitchen an updated look. I had great success painting them and would reccomend this to someone on a tight budget. I will say it is a project though if you do it right. Good luck.

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