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    Default Hallowell Acadia

    I have been reading a lot about the new super effecient heat pump by Hallowell Corp. I've gone so far as to sit down for an afternoon with an HVAC sales rep and get a design and price. Just wondered if anyone is familiar with this unit? It is called the Acadia. Thanx

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    I've yet to talk to someone who has actually had one of these low temperature heat pumps (LTHP) installed---but from what I've read, it seems to be a breakthrough in heat pump technology.

    Up until 5 years ago, heat pumps were confined to the southern U.S. due to their lowering efficiency below temps of 32 degrees.

    Along comes Duane Hallowell, Mr.Nyle, and David Shaw, a former compressor engineer with Carrier in Connecticut who comes up with a dual compressor HP that can operate down to sub-zero temps.

    From the links, Hallowell is now operating a very small 25 person factory/ assembly plant in Bangor, Maine producing only ~100 units a week with local funding---this wouldn't begin to meet product demand now that word is getting out.

    This is keeping the product at high cost of $8k to $12k (including installation), with a long waiting list for those interested in an install.

    Apparently none of the major utility companies or major heating unit mfgrs have yet stepped foward & arranged a manufacturing & distribution arrangement with Hallowell---possibly on the idea they can market their own version without patent infringements, or can use their multi-million dollar legal depts to fight off any patent infringement claims by Hallowell---billions of $$$ are at stake here in a very cut-throat industry.

    Hitachi (Igloo brand) and Ecocute (another Japanese mfgr), Noraire of Electic Industries of Minnesota have also entered the market.

    Lots of Canadian activity & interest, since the LTHP's are effective down to -30F.

    Hallowell claims the Acadia can heat a 2000 sq.ft. home in Portland, Maine for $1400, that used to cost $2750 to heat with oil---the Acadia HP doesn't produce the hot air as would an an oil-fired furnace, but "it's steady & comfortable heat".

    It is assumed that several of the major HVAC players will eventually enter the field & mass-produce a Hallowell-type product that has good quality control, is reasonably priced, has a large network of distributors,backed by good warranty & is widely available.

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    Default Re: Hallowell Acadia

    Thanks, Jack...I haven't signed the contract yet, but it sounds like a good move. (even if electricity goes to $.20 kwh.) As you said, long waiting list, depending on unit size you need. Most local hvac guys don't even know about it yet. My sales rep said we are looking at about a 4 month wait.
    That's probably how long it will take to apply and process paperwork for any energy incentives(low - or no interest loan, rebates, etc.) Thanks again for the reply.

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