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    What is the best primer for painting kitchen cabinets. I was thinking zinsser 123. Thanks

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    I have heard of this zinser 123 in quite a few posts. But the guy at Lowe's told me a great one was Zap so I got it and I have heard of it in the this old house magazine. So it can't be bad either.
    Unfortunately I can't tell you how it works because it is still sitting in the can waiting for me to finishing sanding my walls to start using it.

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    You failed to say whether you stripped the cabinets or are going over an existing paint or varnish.
    If bare wood, I would use an oil based enamel undercoater if brushing. If spraying, I liked BIN shellac. It is a super sealer and needs no sanding if sprayed properly. It also does not "fish eye".
    If over varnish or enamel, I like either Gliddens' Gripper or Behrs' NO. 75 enamel undercoater. Both have extremely good grip over slick surfaces. Both of these are water soluable products. Once again, if spraying I like BIN shellac.

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