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    Default inside insulation over tongue and grove board

    So he we go again I bought this old farm house and have been renovating it since.Recently my wife and I decided to insulate and drywall the inside before we do all the siding.Once I started to remove the panelling I realized that insualting was going to be a big undertaking.Behind it we found long lenghts of tongue and grove ceadar or perhaps pine the stamp is dated 1928.
    Now what to use?Do I apply a vapor barrier?Behind it I can see the old bagged insulation any info on this would be a great as every one contacted locally has a different view.


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    Default Re: inside insulation over tongue and grove board

    Howdy are you saying that you have T& G on the inside of the stud wall with insulation in the cavity between it and the outside siding? If this is the case then before you re drywall the walls add plastic vapor barrier to stop the moisture in the home from going into the cavity.

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