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    Default Basement Insulation advice

    Hi Everybody,

    I need your advice in deciding whether or not to keep exisitng insulation

    my house was built in 1999, I have a basement with Gaurdian Insulation GLF11 R-11 Perforated fiberglass Rolls 48"X78" on the walls, But no stud frames

    Now I am planning to finish the basement, Should I put the stud frame and fill any empty space with another kind of insulation OR remove existing insulation and put stud frames and go for R-13 insulation between the studs?

    I am kind of confused, I am reading lot of articles from building science consoritum and could not decide on anything

    I live in North NJ, I am yet to get the permit.

    Appreciate your help in advicing


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    Default Re: Basement Insulation advice

    As a spray foam contractor, I would highly recommend removing fiberglass from a wall that is likely to be damp or cold and have condensation. I would stud the wall out and spray it with closed cell foam. Foam needs to be protected from fire for safety issues. I would not use an open cell, such as Icynene, on concrete walls because of the moisture issues.

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