Well.. I bought a farm jack. I did bolt 2x4's to the top to keep the jack from tilting forward and that worked well.

It appears that half of my posts are old, without concrete, set to a depth of about 3 feet. I have gotten 3 of those out so far.

I am having some trouble with the strength of my connection between the chain and the jack. I used some random S hooks I had laying around and those bent quite easily. I am now thinking I should get the largest diameter bolt that will fit in the jack opening (1/2") and thread the bolt through the chain links and the jack. This would seem to be the strongest connection.

I am also drilling a 1/2 hole through the post and inserting a bolt through the chain and the post for a strong grip on the post.

For the posts in concrete, do I need to dig around the concrete to loosen it a bit? Should the jack be strong enought to pull out a post set 4 feet deep in concrete?I dug down enough to expose the concrete edges and placed a brick in the ground for support and then placed the jack on the brick with the front edge of jackbase resting against the concrete, but not on top of it, so I do not prevent the post and concrete from lifting up. Is that the right procedure?

Thanks again for any advice.