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    Default Removing deck posts

    A while back I posted some questions about our deck that sloped towards the house asking for different methods to fix the slope.

    Well, I tore the deck out over the weekend and we are pretty sure we are going to replace with a concrete patio. I still have the support posts in the ground and I am assuming they are encased in concrete at a depth of 4 feet. I only have 3 - 4 inches of post above the ground, so not a lot of room to get leverage.
    Any ideas on the best/easiest way to get them out?
    I can always dig around them, but that is quite labor intensive and I have 16 posts to get out.
    I do have a pick up and could try tying a chain the the post and then to the back of the truck, but I think the tires would just spin on the grass. There is no cement or hard surface to get traction on.
    My concern is, if I leave them in the ground and saw off the tops flush with the ground, the frost heaves will push them up and crack the slab.
    As I mentioned earlier, I am assuming they are 4 feet deep which would be below the frost line here in Wisconsin, but I am not positive.

    Any feedback would be appreciated.
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