Hi Jim,

My name is Patrick and I live on long island NY. I had a LIPA energy audit done and among other upgrades (insulating attic to about r-49 etc) they recommended I change my current oil fired boiler. I have an almost 50 year old 2,600 sq foot colonial. The current set up is a Dunkirk Boiler installed in 1988 with a coil for DHW. It has a Beckett burner. The contractor recommends the system 2000 based on the fact that we intend to stay in the home (newly purchased) for at least 25 years. The quote (with rebates included) is about 10,200. We are a family of 7 and I noticed that System 2000 (according to the website literature) does not offer a 50 gallon water tank. It goes from standard 40 gallons to 75 gallons and up which seems too big. The contractor said they could put in a Peerless cast iron boiler for about 2,500 less and said he would have recommended that is were planning to sell in 5-7 years. He stated the System 2000 is the most efficient and has advanced electronic controls while the peerless still uses the same Honeywell dial controls they have for the last 50 years. He also implied that the oil saving with a brand new Peerless would not be impressive. What do you think?