I got my system 2000 back in 2006 and so far I've had zero problems with the system itself. The only issue I've had that since it uses a 10 micron oil filter cartridge I have to change it more often. Could be sludge in my tank, but I'm handy and can change the filter in 15 minutes. The system 2000 has saved me between 30-40% or more off my oil bill. With my old system and before a huge dormer on my house I averaged about 1300 gallon of oil a year. Now with the system 2000 and a much bigger house I average under 700 and this is with a family of six and four are women. I also have endless hot water. On the down side finding a service company who will both supply oil and service the system 2000 is hard. Since it uses so little oil it's not worth the effort for them. I recently was going to sign a contract with a local company and than read the small print and it said I must purchase at least 700 gallons a year and I actually can't do that. I contacted the system 2000 people and they sent me a list of heating repair people that do service in my area in case I run into problems I can't fix. But the only weird thing on the system 2000 is the system board and it can be bypassed and the system will run like a regular dumb boiler until it's fixed. And the rest of the parts are 99% off the shelf parts. So all in all I'm very happy I chose this boiler, it also can be switched to gas when gas comes to my neighborhood.