I will agree that there are many old CI boilers in the field that don't leak. There are also a lot of steel boilers that are just as old still in use that don't leak. Steel boilers only rot out of there is a leak in the system allowing fresh water to feed back in. That's not the fault of the material, it's neglect of the system.

If you are replacing System 2000's from the late nineties with something else you are cheating the customer of their warranty coverage. I guess they're OK with that?

I do agree about the complexity of the Buderus control which is why most (about 70%) are sold without it. However, if you have a problem with wiring the thermostats to one side of the EK system manager and zone valves to the other then turning on the switch, I don't think I'd want you to service my heating system. With that outlook I don't think the manufacturer would want you selling their product either.

I installed and serviced System 2000 for quite a few years and had minimal issues with them. I used to offer other boilers for replacement as well but found that with them doing most of the near boiler piping and wiring my work was made a lot easier and quicker.

I installed Weil, Burnham, Peerless, Slant Fin and a few others but found that my trips to the supply house for materials were cut almost to zero to complete a job. You would not have to dare me to install another EK, I'd do it just for the fun of it.

As far as surges, the system has had built in surge suppression since about 2001. Even with all the bad weather we had in the past several months none of my customers lost a manager.