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    Somehow water is entering my house near my chimney. So far I've had the following done. I've had the chimney rebuilt from the roofline up. New copper flashing, 12 inches up the chimney and 18 inches up the roof under the shingles. But I'm still getting water in somehow. I had a roofer come look at it and he wants to replace all the shingles on that entire quarter of the roof. The roof is only about 5 years old.

    My house is 80 years old, and I'm fairly certain the chimney is unlined, or any lining it did have is deteriorated. About 10 years ago a new boiler was installed. Is it possible that the moisture is coming from the inside of the chimney due to the old brick not being able to withstand what the newer boiler is pumping into it?

    The leak only seems to be happening during the winter. All the water damaged areas dry up during the warmer months. Also, we've had very little snow this winter (Detroit) and rain doesn't seem to cause water damage in these areas.

    Thanks in advance for any help or advice.

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    The old chimney needs to have a liner (tile or metal). It also helps to be properly sized.
    You new boiler is probably more efficient and is condensing in the cold chimney. Thus the water.

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