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    need and inexpensive way to make old walls look great. Painting only makes them look like freshly painted walls with defects in them. what can I do cheaply to update walls. Walls are sheetrock

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    It would stand to reason, then, that the walls be repaired and brought back to "new" standards prior to painting. Other than changing paint color, there's very little that you can do to the wall itself to give it some pizazz. For a little extra, you might think about installing crown mouldings, chair rail, or wainscot, all of which add beauty and character to a room, particularly when mixed with complimentary paint colors.
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    Try skimming the walls with drywall mud. It will cover the defects and give it a new look. Mud is relatively cheap $10-15 a bucket.As long as you dont mind a little or alot of dust.

    Hope this helps

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    Right on, plastrr385!

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