My husband and I recently bought a house (mid-May this year) we would like to renovate. We've had a structural engineer( our home inspector) verify that the current structure would support the renovations that we want to do. We have measured drawing of the house as it stands on a consumer CAD program, as well as an idea of what we would like to do ( which involves tearing down walls and re-doing the ceiling in a couple of places) as well as a detailed schedule of the current electrical panel, what the additional sub-panel would be, and the start of a punch list for each room we want to renovate.
The problem is (and, I hear, this is common in Southern NJ) we cannot get a contractor to do the work. We have had three so far who won't return our calls. They talk on the phone with us, two have shown up to see the house, then nothing. One bailed the day before via email, didn't even come to the house. Here is a copy of the email:
"Sorry I will not be able to make tomorrows appointment. Fortunately, I have taken on several jobs this week and would not be able to bid on your job for several weeks. Sorry for the short notice."
And this guy was accredited with the Better Business Bureau and Angie's List! The reason I picked him is because on Angie's List, the person who posted said what they liked about him was he showed up, did the work, and on time.
We have told all three contractors that we are willing to have them do the formal drawings, or we're willing to do them, or pay an architect to do them. We would also be willing to file for permits, or have them do it. We have the money set aside and, based on approximate cost, we would do all or part of the project at one time Nothing...
How can we get someone to come out and afterwards actually WANT to do the work? We were hoping to have had permits filed by now. This is incredibly frustrating!
Any ideas?
Mary Jo