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    Smile Adding Another Room

    I want to take down my garage door and close it off for another room.then open a wall next to it..will be doing all this project myself.not a carpenter at all.any advice on materials to use on wall and electrical advice for plugs outlets and lights also.

    I know some of the basics just need some guidedance.this is our first home to buy.need to keep expenses down much as possible.thanks to anyone who can help.Thank You..Goose

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    Default Re: Adding Another Room

    First find a friend whom has done this and have them help or see if a contractor will reduce the bill if you help.
    Otherwise first learn how to take the tension off the garage door spring cable or risk getting killed.
    Then get a permit from your local building department so when your done your legal & meet minimum standards of construction. Then pick up carpentry, electrical etc books at the library and read and learn. Then make you plans an start.

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