We have an old house built in the '20s, the bathtub is steel and is rusting through on the apron near the front. It is hard to get a good seal when showering and so water leaks down the apron near the fixtures. We also have a very ugly 3 piece acrylic surround that is coming loose. We called Luxury Bath for an estimate, they will do a tub liner and new surround with glass doors for about $4000.00. Our parents (and my mom's plumber) think the idea of putting a liner over a bad tub is just a band-aid, we're asking for trouble down the line and the right way is to remove and replace the tub. We are not handy and there is no question of doing this ourselves. Plus we only have the one bathroom so a big remodel would be inconvenient. I would like to know a rough idea of the cost to replace the tub and surround (assuming no surprises come up after we rip the old one out). Also, could you please give your opinions and experience with acrylic liners vs. replacement? As I said we know next to nothing about remodeling and we have a limited budget. We also have a hard time finding reputable contractors. Thanks in advance for any advice.