Tired and power tools don't mix.
I was out in the garage using a small table saw to cut blocks of wood for some project. When done, I shut the power and started collecting my work... but the blade was still spinning. I managed to grab the blade instead of the piece of wood I was reaching for, and knew instantly this was not a good idea. With my hand in a tight fist, I calmly walked into the house and asked my room mate (an EMT) "Do you think this needs stitches?"
At the ER, I was told "we can't stitch that", so they just cleaned and wrapped it... I could have done that at home.
Anyway, I still have a slightly jagged 3/4" 'H' shaped scar on the tip of ring finger to go w the 'T' shaped scar on the side my left index finger (from two separate playing w knives incidents back in my youth) Too bad these aren't my initials.
Next time I get a table saw, I'll make sure it has a blade brake. I might even keep the guard in place...