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    Default build an arched entryway with arched roof

    i thought i would ask for some of your thoughts on building an arched entryway with an arched roof. I've seen it only on a few houses and they all seem to have metal roofs. Can I use ashphalt shingle?

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    Default Re: build an arched entryway with arched roof

    The only problem with asphalt shingles, or any shingle, is that at the top of the arch, the slope of the shingles is so low that water could too easily get up into it. This is why you see metal roofs on arches, especially the low-arc arches of entrys. I would stick with metal. I don't know if there's a DIY metal solution for you. It seems to me that it would take a lot of hand work to form the metal (usually copper) and crimp the seams around the arc. But then again, now that I think of it, the seams of these arches are usually horizonal and not usually standing, so the metal work may be doable for a DIYer.

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