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    Default Exterior Door Rubs Against Jamb

    Exterior door won't close properly because it rubs against the jamb. I have to use force to get the door to close. The door frame is metal and it is difficult to tighten the screws through the hinge holes to ensure the door fits flush against the hinge side of the door frame. Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Exterior Door Rubs Against Jamb

    Is the door steel too? If it is you may need to chase the threads. Remove one of the screws and take it to the hardware store (or auto parts store) and ask for a tap of the correct size. When you tap out the hole put some thin oil on the tap then thread it into the hole and when it start to get tight use a crescent wrench to turn it in slowly. Just turn it in slightly and then back it out a little. Repeat this process until the tap turns freely all the way in. Then replace the screw and go on to the next one.

    However, if the door is wood remove a screw and stick it into a bar of soap the run it back into the door it should go in all the way. You may even try buying new wood screws for the door and still use the bar soap.

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    Talking Re: Exterior Door Rubs Against Jamb

    Check the door frame as it is installed to see if it has moved out of plumb (check it for square). If it has and the hinge screws are tight then, remove the door from the frame, look for the door frame screws and loosen them. Get some shims and replumb the frame then retighten the screws. You will need to remove the trim on either side of the frame to do this. I hope this gives you some help. Blessings, Kevin

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