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    Default Do-It-Yourself Sewer System

    Just a quick question here guys... I just left a site sewer inspection on a new home I'm going to buy, and there was a small but ominous crack in one of the cast-iron joints just where the pipe leaves the house. It's about 4ft deep, and it's the only real problem with the sewer all the way to the street.

    This is about a 2-4k fix in the next couple of years. Is this something I can do myself with some buddys? Or does only a fool fix his own sewer while the wise man calls the professionals? Thanks a lot!

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    Default Re: Do-It-Yourself Sewer System

    That's a tough one to call ... yes one can fix it themself if they are experienced with something like this.

    However .... you might do the digging and have a pro do the actual hookup ... that way you know the proper materials were used and it should be done right .... otherwise the plumber doesn't want to come back and dig it up on his nickel.

    This should reduce the cost of the repair by doing the grunt work yourself.

    Just a thought.
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