Don't know if this qualifies or not. I had a contractor who, for nearly 20 years, did quite a bit of work for me. That includes removing my roof, adding a second story, kitchen remodel, and various smaller projects. We had become good friends. His work was (and is) excellent. It is as close to perfect as I have ever seen. I had a project planned that involved adding a small room to my house, a deck, and a screened in porch. He took the job. He got as far as framing the room and hanging sheetrock, and flooring the deck and screened in porch. Then he disappeared. Didn't answer my calls. Left his tools sitting, and didn't return. His tools set outside for 4 weeks before I locked them up in my shop. I did not hear from him for another 8 weeks. In that time (I am a DIY person) I finished the room, made box beams for the porch, stained and polyurethaned siding for the porch and got things prepared as far as I could go by myself. At that point I contacted my friends at the local lumber yard about someone to finish my construction. They were very helpful. In fact, unknown to me, they had already talked to another contractor to see if they would help me out. The same week they agreed to finish my project, my original contractor contacted me. He apologized for disappearing, said he wanted to finish the project, and would like to get his tools out of my shop. We had a discussion, parted friends, and are still friends.

As an aside to the story, the first contractor worked with his semi-retired carpenter father. We have been friends for years. After leaving my project, his father later began working for me on occasion, and he and I have just completed a rehab some rental property.