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    Default old door hardware

    We live in a great old house from the 20's. Our front door has the old skeleton key locks that slide into the door from the edge. We would like to install some new hardware and a more secure lock, but with such a large portion of the door already hollowed out, What is the bast way to change to more modern hardware?

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    Default Re: old door hardware

    What you have is a mortise lock. You could replace it with another mortise lock with a more secure cylinder. If not, fill the mortise with wood and install a traditional lock.

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    Default Re: old door hardware

    I agree with Mike. My first effort would be to buy a new mortise lock since the door is ready to take it. Filling it with wood will be a little work to get it done right. If it's an old door, it was mortised, using handtools and the sides of the slot will probably be rough and you'll have to smooth them out and make your wood plug fit the hole.

    Go buy a new mortise lock.

    Good Luck.

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