We just bought a house, in Wyoming (so yes, it's cold here often), the only heat is from two gas wall heaters; one is in the living room to heat the living room/kitchen/2 bedrooms and a small bathroom. The other is in the garage-converted master bedroom.

They actually do heat up the 1100 sq ft house pretty well, although we suppliment at night in the kids' bedrooms with little space heaters and turn the main unit down.

But.... they're inefficient... and the bigger, older one is questionably safe. It gets too hot to the touch for our small children, and the home inspector didn't give it a complete green flag.

We got a quote for staple-up hot water heat and it was way too expensive, plus there's no place for a boiler. We're looking to get quotes for forced air installed in the attic but we're afraid that would be pretty costly too, plus forced air from the ceiling isn't that efficient. I always feel cold with forced air systems anyway.

Any other ideas? What can everyone tell me about Cove heaters and Hydro-sil baseboards? Are they as expensive to run as the old-school electric baseboard heat I'm thinking of? Do they work?

What would you use for heat in a house like this (1100 sq ft, in Wyoming), using natural gas or electric. What would be the most economical month to month, what has good start-up/installation costs, and what keeps you cozy? Thanks for any tips!