I guess my reaction was that you ignored the fact that there IS egress. It's just that with a standard window it might be a couple square inches shy.

There's a big difference between that and NO egress. One is irresponsible, the other is a de facto non-event. You're implication was of criminal irresponsibility, and anyone would take umbrage at that.

BUT as I got defending the flip answer, it just struck me as going the wrong direction. My life is made worse by tons of non-compliant repairs made by generations of prior owners. None of the compliant repairs were troublesome.

Most of the time, even if code doesn't seem sane or smart, it turns out to be a good long-term idea. Debating the point is sort of like being philosophically penny-wise and pound foolish. What type of a world do I want to live in, one where jake-legs consider code compliance optional or one where the job gets done right or with overkill.

The answer for me is the latter.

So, while your response grinds my fanny still, on the big picture I gotta side strongly with you. My position is not worth defending. It was flip and cynical and inconsistent with my values.