I'm trying to find information on a particular style of window.

City Codes & Compliance down here in VA has told me that since I'm subdividing an existing area into 2 bedrooms, each bedroom must have an "Egress" window. Meaning a window that will open to an unobstructed 5.5sf opening for folks to climb out of.

The Problem is, this min. S.F. is the SIZE of the Existing window!

I could Swear at some point on the show I saw a Double hung window, that also had a hinge along one side that allowed the Entire window to swing out in case of emergencies.

I Know there are Casement windows that will swing open like this, but I'd like to find something with a Double/single shash that will fit the existing size and still open.

Is there anyone who knows what I'm talking about? And can point me to the right thing?