Idaho is the home of those fantastic Idaho Spuds and potato farms are everywhere. However, I don't live on one of those farms. I live in a subdivision of $400k+ homes. At the time my house was built, I have to assume that it was built to whatever codes were in place at that time. As for Chinese drywall, whether I have it or not is/was not relevant to my leaking problem. Based on my examination of the tubing, I believe the leaking was caused by water erosion of the inside of the tubing. The erosion was accelerated by 24/7/365 water flow and the ridge on the ends of the tubing left from the tubing cutter.
The ridges should have been reamed out but the plumber neglected to do so. This erosion is very evident in the pictures in my earlier post of one of the pieces of tubing tubing that I replaced.

Thanks for all the posts and information. It has all been very interesting. I would now be going flying but the old in my name kind of applies now. But not too much!!!!!!!!!!!